TDC to Be Held May 4th, 2024

Idaho Truck Driving Championships to be held in May 4, 2024. Drivers compete for the top positions in Idaho and for the right to compete at the National Truck Driving Championship that will be held in Indianapolis in August 2024.

This Year we ask that all participating companies send 1 Volunteer for each 3 Drivers that they have competing.

Driver Entry Fee is $150 per driver, registered prior to April 19. After April 19, the Fee will be $175.

Driver Registration is NOT Open Yet

We have planning still to do before we will accept registrations to compete.  Thank you for being patient.


You Can sign up to Volunteer, Sponsor or to donate vehicles.  

Here is the Line Up of Champions from 2023

Step Van

1st Place:  Tyler Wilson,  FedEx

2nd Place:  Wesley Anderson,  FedEx

3rd Place:   Sterling Chandler, FedEx

Straight Truck

1st Place:  Josh Jetton, XPO

2nd Place:  Bill Nolan, Old Dominion

3rd Place:  Randy Schwasinger, FedEx

3 Axle

1st Place:  Kolton Schultz, XPO

2nd Place:  Kevin Winn, Old Dominion

3rd Place:  Drew Coulter, Oak Harbor Freight

4 Axle

1st Place:  Adam Heim, FedEx

2nd Place:  Jeff Halford, XPO

3rd Place:  Rueben Riddle, Old Dominion

5 Axle

1st Place:  Darrik Fong, FedEx

2nd Place:  Tony Rhoades, Old Dominion

3rd Place:  Chris Markley, Gary Amoth Trucking


1st Place:  Thomas Richardson, Franklin Building Supply

2nd Place:  William Hill, Old Dominion

3rd Place:  Carlos Montano, Arlo G Lott

Sleeper Berth

1st Place:  David Shattuck, Giltner

2nd Place:  Daniel Nava, XPO

3rd Place:  Frank Boag, Giltner


1st Place:  Scott Hansen, Old Dominion

2nd Place:  Paul Callahan, Yellow

3rd Place:  Brian Smith, Old Dominion


1st Place:  Daniel Istre, Yellow

2nd Place:  Beau Bonds, Old Dominion

3rd Place:  Mark VanBlaricom, Old Dominion