The Idaho Trucking Association (ITA) has been serving Idaho since 1937.
Our mission is to represent the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice.

We work on behalf of the industry to positively influence local, state and federal governmental actions, and we devote association resources to bring about changes that increase member efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. The ITA promotes highway and driver safety at every opportunity, provides educational programs for members and engages in public relations efforts. Idaho’s economic wellbeing is directly tied to the trucking industry and the ability to get goods to market, and the ITA encourages continuing investment in Idaho’s roads to ensure a safe and reliable transportation system for all.

General Objectives

Values and promotes highway and driver safety.

Fosters a fair and consistent business climate for the trucking industry in Idaho.

Cooperates with state and national associations, legislatures, and regulatory agencies to promote uniform regulations governing the transportation sector.

Communicates the consensus viewpoints of its members on matters affecting transportation.

Offers educational opportunities for members and helps them stay informed of rapidly changing laws and regulations.

250 Members Strong

ITA is over 250 members strong. View the network of people and organizations that make up our membership.

Officers and Directors

ITA By-Laws

The mission of the Idaho Trucking Association is to serve and represent the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice; to positively influence state governmental actions; to advance the trucking industry’s image, efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability; to provide educational programs; to promote highway and driver safety; and to strive for a healthy business environment.