Registrations are open for the 2023 Truck Driving Championships

To Register to Compete:
1) Click the link to download the registration form. It is a fillable PDF. Please complete the form in its entirety. Include miles, hobbies and strangest cargo. If nothing is noted in the history, you will be marked as a rookie. There is an additional page to list your TDC history if needed. If you chose to handwrite the information, please make sure it is legible.

2) Get the appropriate signatures on the form. The driver and the employer manager must sign, acknowledging compliance to the rules of eligibility. (They may be signed digitally.)

3) Submit the signed form, along with a copy of your CDL with the appropriate endorsement, and your driving record (MVR) TO:

4) We will send an invoice for the registration fees ($150 per driver) to the Employer/ Company email address on file for payments. Payment must be received one week prior to the competition.

5) We politely request that companies send one volunteer for every three drivers that they register.

6) Please consider loaning equipment to be used at the competition.

7) First Place winners will be sent to the National TDC in Columbus OH. Company employers will be responsible for NTDC registration fees for their winners. ($450 per driver)

The TDC will be held on May 5th and 6th at the ISP Training Facility located at 700 S. Stratford, Meridian, ID