ITA Truck Simulator for outreach to students:

The simulator is available  to High Schools in the State of Idaho. The simulator introduces a student to transportation careers with life like experience of driving a real truck, the simulator has multiple scenarios for students to participate with. 
The ITA does have some requirements, that the student minimum age is 15, and that there is at least 50 students that will participate.
For more information and or to reserve the simulator for your school, please contact us using the form below.

ITA Truck Simulator for training existing CDL Drivers:

Simulation training allows practice of critical-decision making skills and reinforces positive decision making in a realistic, risk free environment. The simulator rental will be available to all ITA members for practical training in defensive driving, skill tests,  and to help our members reduce accidents, improve driver retention and help with your companies risk management.
We offer simulator time and instruction time with our Safety Director. We also can do just simulator time if you already have a safety director that covers the instruction topic.
For more information and how we can help, please contact us using the form below.


Watch a video here

This video was created by Patterson High School in Patterson, CA.  

This school is now training teens to enter the industry through its truck driving school program.

Patterson High School in Patterson, Calif., is one of the first non-vocational high schools in the country to offer a truck-driving program for students.

The elective course, which is open to seniors, is a part of the school's Career Technical Education Program — helping students learn workplace skills through hands-on training.

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