Truck Driving Championships 2023

Friday, May 5, 2023 - Saturday, May 6, 2023

Idaho's Truck Driving Championships to be held May 5th & 6th, 2023.  Details coming soon!

The Championships are composed of 3 competitions:

Written Exam

All states require TDC competitors to take a multiple choice exam that tests their general knowledge about trucking and understanding of safe driving rules, first-aid and fire fighting. The exam includes a broad array of questions that are based on the information in the 2023 Facts for Drivers book.  This book has not been released yet.

Pre-Trip Inspection

The Pre-Trip Inspection is based on the procedure that drivers should conduct every day.  Create a consistent routine and practice performing it.

Driving the Course

Truckers maneuver courses resembling a slow-speed rodeo to show their skills.  Can you snake a 73-foot semi backward between two tennis balls with just four inches of clearance on both sides? Can you back a trailer into a dock and get within an inch of it without hitting it?

The Championships are a great incentive for professional truck drivers to operate safely, because they must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition.


Volunteers will be Needed

This event requires the teamwork of many volunteers.  We will have sign-ups soon for volunteering.  We will need judges, runners, bull pen mothers and many many more.  

Equipment will be Needed

We will need trucks, several types of trucks to use for the competition.  Please consider sharing one of your trucks to use for the competition.