129K Update on Applying For Route and Grant Funding

Feb 04, 2020



We have been asked to pass this along to you, if you or if you know anyone applying for a 129K route please pass this info along:

So there is this fund that expires in a year and nobody has been using the fund so its important to use it up. Instead of the trucking company paying for the fee of $5000.00 for the engineering fee it will be granted to the company thru LHTAC.

If you are applying for a 129K route with your local highway district upon submitting an application with them, you inform them that they need to contact LHTAC for the $5000.00 engineering fee. The fee will be paid to the local highway district from LHTAC instead of the trucking company paying for it. If there are any charges over the $5000.00 the trucking company is responsible for those charges.

For any questions on this please call:

Kevin Kuther



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